Techniques Chasse et Pêche 

A beautiful history of hunting, fishing, golf and passion, for 40 years!

The shop “Techniques Chasse et Pêche” is both a beautiful business with a passionate story behind it. Forty years ago, founder Denys Benoit, a fishing enthusiast himself, started a fishing business in the Montérégie region. The beginning of the 80’s, the first real fishing shop opens it’s doors on Chemin de Chambly in Longueuil. Mr. Benoit did not hesitate to share his passion & knowledge with his customers. Denys Benoit goes even further by publishing a magazine of hunting and fishing “Techniques Chasse et Pêche” as well written a book titled ”Techniques de pêche-Secrets de la pêche au ver de nuit” “Secrets of fishing for the night worms”and he continues to sign his book today as ithas only gotten increasingly popular with proven methods, facts & more!

The business on Chemin de Chambly was a success. Fortunately, Denys has a helping hand having his son Danyel grow up being passionate about the sport and so tood by his side. Together, they decided to move to a larger area as their business was growing bigger. A few years later, the company moved to their current premises of their shop at 3395 Taschereau Boulevard in Saint-Hubert where Danyel takes the Reins of the company.

During these four decades, the shop “Techniques Chasse et Pêche ” had to adapt to the market having strong competition as well  many changes. Notably by offering the option of buying and selling restricted (pistols, revolvers) and unrestricted firearms (rifles, shotguns, crossbows). Five years ago, Danyel Benoit opened a golf shop & driving range. Another passion both his father Denys Benoit and Danyel wanted to make happen. They did not hesitate to come on the floor to advise the clients of their expansion of not only fishing & hunting, now golf as well . Moving forward, a department they developed for the delight of their enthusiasts are those of performance clothing for all sports. Under Armour being top of the line for all activities and at the best guarenteed price! Then followed VULY  and THUNDER Trampolines. The bounciest and safest recreational trampoline in the world. For the simple amateurs to elite athletes of freestyle jumping, boarding, gymnastics to a game of basketball?  Should they reconsider the name of the company to Sports Techniques? To be continued ….

But even then, the great difference besides the success of “Techniques Chasse et Pêche” for 40 years, it is the employees, the advisers, the friendly atmosphere. They know their products and they understand the needs of their customers, they are also passionate about hunting, fishing, golf and outdoor sport.


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